A Long Time Ago

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While Shortstop is stuck in a Gongo prison with Amphotron. Amphtron regales the origin story of the Nonocons.

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In a Gongo holding cell Amphotron and Shortstop banter at each other after being captured during a Gongo Skirmish. During the discussion, Amphotron tells the origin story of the Nonocons.

Billions of years ago, the Nonocons were simplistic robots located on a planet far away in a distant galaxy. Serving as slaves to various organic life forms it's not until Skyscream and Low-Tone show up that Amphotron begins to grow as a fighter robots for his owner Jatto. Under Skyscream's advice Jatto enters Amphotron enter the local robot fighting tournament of which Amphotron quickly ascends.

Featured characters

Zapbots Humans Nonocons Planets
  • Jatto
  • Benjamin
  • Latta
  • A very recognizable dust planet
  • Centar 7




  • First Version: 2024

Production notes

  • Yes anyone who isn't living under a rock can determine who, what and where the back-story takes place in. The goal was to write a story describing it without using any copyrighted terms.

Continuity notes

  • This is the origin story of the Junkicons/Nonocons.

Real-life references

Continuity and plotting errors

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