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The Morphites are a race of winged monsters combined with technology. Generation 1 continuity family.
The 'other..other..' bad guys.


The Morphites are a race of winged bi-pedal creatures on the nicked-named 'Yellow Planet'. Slightly larger than the average human they live in cities constructed of organic vines mixed with ancient technology similar to the steam-punk era of Earth. Dorminate for many years behind the forest, when they started expanding beyond their area, they discovered the alien inhabitants of the Yellow Planet and began attempts to conquer them. Their efforts were almost successful until halted by the Zapbots, who drove them out of their homeworld.

Generation 1

The Yellow Planet

Anthony and David crash land on The Yellow Planet and meet it's inhabinents. When Anthony is knocked unconscious, David takes his X-O suit to gather a special potion to help him recover and also attempts to call for help so the Zapbots can defeat the Morphites.

The Fall and Rebirth of Gearatron

The Morphites join forces with the Nonocons to perform a multiple-staged attack on Gearatron and Earth.