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The Spacebots are a subgroup of Zapbots from the Generation 1 continuity family.
Space Force - The Final Frontier


The Space Force (or commonly known as the Spacebots) are a specialized group that handles missions across different planets in the Milky Way Galaxy. Their special abilities allow them to travel at high degrees of warp speed to reach planets for defense or offensive maneuvers. A specialized nine-team combined mode of Meteorite provides the ultimate defense in space.

Generation 1



Original Series

Robot Trek II

The Space Force was critical to the battle against the Nonocons Kilter starship. Arriving with Duplaflex and Omega Dupreme they proceeded to help battle the Nonocons while the new power supply was being installed on Fortress Misslemax.

The Fall and Rebirth of Gearatron

The Space Force was sent on a mission to collect energy crystals from Noland III to help improve the Zapbots power to match the Nonocons' upgrades. They fought off an infestation of insectabots before forming Meteorite to escape.

Behind the Scenes

The Spacebots were a series of stickers I got when I completed a Piano lesson. I liked the designs of these robots so much I incorporated them into my Zapbots giving them my ideal vehicle mode. I was just about to complete the revamping drawings in 1994 when I went to college and unfortunately never finished them. This is where my drawings ended before the onset of college duties took over. Scouter and Leader-A were never re-drawn.

In the original drawing from 1994, I would say these were my best at the height of my old style of rendering.

There was also a Gestalt form that I finally wrote into a story but never drew because originally I wasn't going to give them a Gestalt form. Maybe someday I'll pick this up and finish these drawings.

Update 2022

So when I started redrawing my Zapbots in 2020, I finally got around to drawing Scouter and Leader-A here, drawing Meteorite (finally) and now two year later, circle around to give the rest of the Space Force an update. We've literally come full circle around the sun!