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The Junkicons are a race of evil robots Generation 1 continuity family.
The 'original' bad guys.


The Junkicons are an evil race of robots that have been fighting since the days of the Ancient Zapbots. They almost defeated the Zapbots millions of years ago but were conquered when Anthony created the Next Generation of Zapbots. When they opened the realm for the Sun Monsters (Hero) their bodies were destroyed and lingered in space. Later an unknown race passing by the spot in the sector unknowingly reconstructed their bodies and they became the Nonocons.

Generation 1

Behind the Scenes

Yep, What do you expect from a 10-year-old? My bad guys were pretty much stereotypes of the Decepticons but drawn crudely because I was being lazy. Later I realized how simplistic they were both as characters, names, and design and upgraded them to the Nonocons. Think of the Junkicons as the GoBots and when they got upgraded they became Decepticons.

I'll be giving them a slight upgrade just to bring them up to somewhat acceptable standards.