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Low-Tone is an Nonocon/Junkicon from the Generation 1 continuity family.
era: 2021 - New Nonocon Version - I'll sound your waves alright...
era: 2021 - New Junkicon Version

Low-Tone is the Communications Officer of the Nonocons/Junkicons. He works with his several mini-components to drive the conquest of the Universe through Messy's/Amphotron's command. Sharp and brash, he will let no technical challenge stop him for obtaining information about the enemy. One of the few Junkicons to retain his original name, his body was rebuilt into a Nonocon along with his Minicons.

  • Quote: "Operation. Perform. Eject."
  • Transformation: Tape Recorder then later a Futuristic Scion XB
  • Weapons: Plasma Canon
  • Special Weapons: Electro-Spear
  • Shields: Weak 3 Hours
  • Speed: Warp .5
  • Armor: Light 2 Inches
  • Communications: Radio, CB, Classified
  • Target/Tracking: Scanners, Radar, Radio, Wi-Fi, Interstellar, Bluetooth, ZapbotTooth, Firewire
  • Weakness: If one of his components gets hurt he feels it.
  • Transformer Inspiration: Soundwave..duh
  • Family: None


Original Series

more to come...

Rebooted Timeline

A Long Time Ago

Low-Tone is identified as one of Amphotron's and Skyscream's compatriates as Amphotron reveals the Nonocon's origin story.

Behind the Scenes

Okay I'm pretty proud of the Nonocon sketch. The Junkicon, not so much.Finally upgraded him for 2021.