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The Super Changers (also known as QuadrupleChangers) are a subgroup of Zapbots from the Generation 1 continuity family.
Super Changers - We're 'Super' thanks for asking!


Developed during the period of Anthony's death, the Super Changers were accidentally altered during their creation process. Unlike other Zapbots that require a process to change their alt-modes, the Super Changers can scan any nearby vehicle and assume it's mode automatically. They can store up to four different alt modes at a time allowing them to pick an alt mode for most elements on a planet. Due to their specialist abilities they are usually sent on a deep-space missions to chart new planets and territories. Their efforts have helped to introduce Earth to thousands of different species and worlds.

Generation 1

Behind the Scenes

Originally called the 'Quadruple Changers' I dropped these when I did my 1988 revisions. I didn't like the idea of multiple transformations for some reason and thought it created confusion. Glad to say now here in 2022 these two guys are brought back from the dead (I also noticed I had written them into integral parts of my stories.)