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Generation 1 is the first creation of the Zapbots starting in 1984. Inspired by the Transformers it continues to this day with the revision of the Original Saga stories and the addition of more stories.

It is classified as the Anselmo cluster within the many multi-verses.

Original Saga


The GEOS/Appleworks stories where my first run through the saga. I started typing them on Appleworks and then migrated them to GEOS which was a primitive Graphical Operating System for the Apple IIe (it was complete crap.) I wrote these stories between 1985 to 1994 before I left for college. The stories started out very crude but as my writing skills improved they were somewhat passable for an actual adventure. However, it should be noted that as I was also becoming a big Trekkie at the time, I started to include elements of Star Trek into the stories.

Rereading these stories in 2020 it is very melancholy how lonely I must of been as a child as there is a lot of focus around myself and my various friends at the time. Sadly very few of these friends I talk to today and you can tell how infatuated I was with them, while trying to hide that I was gay.

Zapbots the Movie 4 was actually written after 3, but then I had to go back and retroactively write stories to fit between 3 and 4.

Saga Notes

In the original saga my Zapbots were an amalgamation of all my hopes and dreams at the time (10-18 years old.) Not only were they Transforming robots who saved Earth but also Progressive Rock musicians. My character also opened a Disney like resort park called 'Anselmo World.' They also possessed transporter technology which I removed when I rewrote the series as this seemed stupid to have (why would you need to transform if you could just beam anywhere?)

Also in this version of the saga, the Zapbots pretty much inhabited the same Universe as the Transformers, GoBots etc... This was removed in the revised saga as I wanted them to exist in their own Universe.

I will probably never release these versions of the stories simply because...

  1. The grammar and spelling is atrocious.
  2. The various individuals who were my past friends would probably not take kind to me releasing them.
  3. They don't really represent me or my mental thoughts now.


  • Zapbots the Beginning
  • Comic Drawings
  • Zapbots the Movie 1 (Hero)
  • Zapbots the Movie 2 (The Next Generation)
  • Zapbots the Movie 3 (The Return)
  • Unicron Returns
  • The Escape
  • The Boys Town
  • The Yellow Planet
  • Back in Time
  • Planet G
  • Robot Trek I
  • Robot Trek II
  • Robot Trek III
  • Robot Trek IV
  • Robot Trek V
  • The Wrath of Sliphead
  • Zapbots Meet the TMNT
  • The Boys Town 2
  • Back in Time 2
  • Mystery
  • Epilogue
  • Zapbots the Movie 4 (The Fall and Rebirth of Gearatron)

Check out the Story Comparison page for a table.

Revised Saga


The College Stories or the 'Revamped Saga' were my attempt to run through all the stories again and revise them with better details, plot, grammar and whatnot. I started these in college but due to other worldly duties got bored and never finished the series. I also started to migrate my real-life friends away from these stories and used a generic character of Mike Quartz as the key love interest.

  • Reality was the story I wrote my second year of college to find a way to shoehorn my new college friends into the saga.
  • The rewrites made it up to Robot Trek II around 2000 and then just stopped due to life and such.
  • Many many years later (2013) on a plane trip to California I started to write the Rebooted story. This was a story that took place many years after the initial stories (as it was many years since I was revisited this.)
  • In 2020 during the CoronaVirus Pandemic I started to finish rewriting these stories, filling in the gap between Robot Trek II and Rebooted.
  • In 2021, I finished rewriting the stories between Robot Trek II and Rebooted and completed the initial Rewrite of the saga. As such now it was time to go back to the original rewrites and provide them some upgrades as well. This starts with the Zapbots the Beginning.
  • As I am sure this can be confusing, check out the Story Comparison page for a table. This provide examples of the Classic and Revised Sagas as well as info when they took place, when I wrote then, revised them etc...

For help with story formatting check out Story Text Formatting.

To help provide some context on how I view these stories I've broken them in what I would consider TV episodes or movies. For example, there would be the initial Pilot, followed by Season 1, Season 2 etc...


Three Part Miniseries

Season 1

Full Length Theatrical Movies

Season 2

Season 3