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The Smartabots are a subgroup of Zapbots from the Generation 1 continuity family.
Tech Team - Suuuuppppeerrr Geniusssssesssss


The Tech Team (or commonly known as the Smartabots) are a specialized team with a high computational cortex that can focus on specific technological issue resolution. Discovered as lost Zapbots they were actually developed before the original group was made on Earth by Anthony, they were activated as a last resort when the Nonocons and took over Fortress Misslemax. Their combiner mode of Circuitbreaker is rumored to be the most intelligent supercomputer in the Universe.

Generation 1


Behind the Scenes

Smartabots??? Yeah I know, but hey YOU try coming up with something along the lines of Technobots! Techkibots...see it's hard!

For this series of updates, I'm trying not to rely on the Transformer models as it's one of those 'been there done before' type of situations. I'm attempting to draw the most complex versions of Zapbots possible similar in style to the Michael Bay movie designs.