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The Gongos are a race of monsters combined with technology. Generation 1 continuity family.
The 'other' bad guys.


The Gongos are half organic-half robotic creatures with immense determination to conquer every planet in the known Universe to be placed under their rule. Limited in mental capacity they have forgotten how their technology was created and are limited in it's use.


Originating from the planet Gongolopolis, they evolved over numerous eons incorporating technology into their organic flesh providing enhancements to skills and abilities. Unfortunately, their mental abilities regressed backward which only encouraged their desire for conquest. When the Next Generation of Zapbots started to branch out into the galaxy, they came across the Gongos and were immediately attacked. After all attempts of peace failed a war was declared. The Zapbots were able to push the Gongos back out of Earth and Gearatron's solar systems, but small pockets of troops would appear from time to time.

While more of an annoyance than a threat the Gongos would occasionally cause issues that the Zapbots would need to resolve.

It was discovered that Gongos were secretly stealing Earth's children to perform experiments on them.

Generation 1

The Escape

The Gongos stage a plan with Earth terrorists to capture Anthony's best friends, holding them hostage in order to capture him and attempt to defeat the leader of the Zapbots.

Back in Time 2

It is discovered the Gongos have a secret staging location and are performing experiments to mess with time, in an attempt to go back in time and destroy Anthony's lineage.


The Gongos followed the Zapbots through a wormhole to attack them. Upon return to the point of origin, the Gongos attacked Fortress Misslemax causing an explosion that froze the wormhole disabling both ships.

The Fall and Rebirth of Gearatron

The Gongos join forces with the Nonocons to perform a multiple-staged attack on Gearatron and Earth.