A Long Time Ago

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While Shortstop is stuck in a Gongo prison with Amphotron. Amphtron regales the origin story of the Nonocons.

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In a Gongo holding cell Amphotron and Shortstop banter at each other after being captured during a Gongo Skirmish. During the discussion, Amphotron tells the origin story of the Nonocons.

Billions of years ago, the Nonocons were simplistic robots located on a planet far away in a distant galaxy. Serving as slaves to various organic life forms it's not until Skyscream and Low-Tone show up that Amphotron begins to grow as a fighter robots for his owner Jatto. Under Skyscream's advice Jatto enters Amphotron enter the local robot fighting tournament of which Amphotron quickly ascends.

At Latta's shop Amphotron and Skyscream meet Mercy while getting upgrade parts of Amphotron. As the they scour a crashed ship for parts, Amphotron discovers a fashion canon that quickly becomes a part of him.

Featured characters

Zapbots Humans/Aliens Nonocons Planets
  • Jatto
  • Benjamin
  • Latta
  • A very recognizable dust planet
  • Centar 7




  • First Version: 2024

Production notes

  • Yes anyone who isn't living under a rock can determine who, what and where the back-story takes place in. The goal was to write a story describing it without using any copyrighted terms.

Continuity notes

  • This is the origin story of the Junkicons/Nonocons.

Real-life references

Continuity and plotting errors

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