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Amphotron is an Nonocon from the Generation 1 continuity family.
era: 2021 - Now that's more like it.

The evil Junkicon Messy reincarnated, Amphotron's lust for destroying the Universe holds no boundaries. He will not stop until every planet, every being is under his control. Holding violate rage he rules the Nonocons with an iron fist and will destroy anything (or anybot) that gets in his way. The most powerful Nonocon, he can combine with ships (Kilter) that transforms into larger bodies.

  • Quote: "The Universe will bow down before my feet."
  • Transformation: Futuristic Spacejet
  • Weapons: Even Bigger Ass Gun.
  • Special Weapons: Um hello... Big Ass Gun... AGAIN!
  • Shields: Strong 15 hours
  • Speed: Warp 1
  • Armor: Heavy 7 Inches
  • Communications: Radio, Shortwave, Wi-Fi
  • Target/Tracking: Scanners, Radar, Infra-Red
  • Weakness: His rage can distract him from winning the battle.
  • Transformer Inspiration: Megatron...duh (again.)
  • Family: He destroyed them all.


Original Series

Robot Trek I

Amphotron appears and indicates that the Junkicons body parts were rebuilt into the Nonocons by an unsuspecting Alien race.

Robot Trek II

Amphotron attacks Gearatron with his new Kilter ship, but is stopped by Gearatron in robot mode.

Robot Trek III

Amphotron captures the Ancient Gearatron Device. Boaty sacrifices his life to save the crew of Fortress Misslemax to allow the Zapbots to escape in the nick of time.

Robot Trek IV

Amphotron and Shortstop fight on New Gearatron as it is exploding. As Shortstop is hanging on a cliff, just before Amphotron fires, he disengages his XO-Suit from the body and hits a critical blow to Amphotron, destroying his head. Amphotron and the Shortstop body fall into a pit of lava.

The Fall and Rebirth of Gearatron

Amphotron is reborn with the efforts of Skyscream with enhanced powers. His efforts to destroy Gearatron fail as Duplaflex sacrifices himself to destroy the Kilter body. Amphotron heads to Earth to take the final destruction of Anthony's friend Mike Quartz but Bop's brother Shock] destroys him in revenge for his brother's death.

Rebooted Timeline


In an alternate timeline, Amphotron and the Nonocons return several years after the Zapbots go into hiding, threatening the Earth again.

A Long Time Ago

Captured with Shortstop in a Gongo prison, Amphotron tells of the origin story of the Nonocons, how they came to be, and the logical reasoning for his demeanor.

Behind the Scenes

The bad guys reaallllyyy needed an upgrade. I wanted Amphotron to look so freaking evil it would make you shit your pants. Also, he needs to be a jet, just as Megatron needs to be an aerial vehicle (although I didn't mind Megatron the Tank idea either.)