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The Flyabots are a subgroup of Zapbots from the Generation 1 continuity family.
Aerial Team - There's really no reason for us.


The Aerial Team (or commonly known as the Flyabots) are a specialized team designed for Aerial defense on class M planets. They are used in Earth situations where they must remain incognito but also be ready to provide backup for Zapbots who are more tactically Earthbound. Their combined form of Invincible is one of the Earth's greatest protectors. They are usually stationed a the Air Force Museum in Dayton Ohio.

Generation 1


Behind the Scenes

Another dumb name I came up with, seriously.... what was I thinking? I will say though, that I actually looked in an ancient type of manuscript called an 'encyclopedia' to come up with the plane designs. So I will give myself credit for using actual specific plane designs to generate these characters.