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Mercy is an Nonocon from the Generation 1 continuity family.
era 2021: Blind as a bat... oh wait!

Mercy is the reincarnation of Magic after being rebuilt by an unknown alien race. He has the ability to modify atoms and create kinetic energy which allows him various 'magic-like abilities. Usually, this is just him lifting up other enemies and throwing them around the battlefield. As he is not a complete expert with this maneuver, he is prone to causing chaos. The other Nonocons usually stay away from him as his presence can be a disruption for both ally and foe.

  • Quote: "You are nothing compared to my forceful powers!"
  • Transformation: Futuristic Spaceship
  • Weapons: Hand Lasers
  • Special Weapons: Kinetic Powers
  • Shields: Strong 15 hours
  • Speed: Warp 2
  • Armor: Medium 5 Inches
  • Communications: Radio, Shortwave
  • Target/Tracking: Scanners, Radar
  • Weakness: Not the best of fighters.
  • Transformer Inspiration: Thundercracker
  • Family: None


Original Series

Rebooted Timeline

A Long Time Ago

Mercy is identified as having special abilities the certain humans do in the Nonocon's origin story. His abilities are put to use to help the Nonocons gain dominance over the humans.

Behind the Scenes