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Boaty, a Zapbot, yes a Zapbot.

The Zapbots are a species of sentient, living robotic beings (mostly) originating from the distant machine world of Gearatron. The stories of their lives, their histories, and most especially their wars have been chronicled across many different continuities in the vast multiverse.

The designation "Zapbot" stems from the species' generally-shared ability to transform, to change their bodies at will, rearranging their component parts from a robotic primary mode (usually, but not always, humanoid) into an alternate form; generally vehicles, weapons, machinery, or animals. In some continuities this ability to transform is innate to all members of the species, in others it was a wartime innovation that was adopted by most, but not all, of the populace.

Although "Zapbot" is the most common term for these beings, there are others, mainly "Geartronian" as a reference to any being whose origin traces back to the planet in question (the adjective form being the more frequently used "Geartronian" and occasionally "Gearatronic").


The Zapbots origins are divided into two different periods of time.:

  • Ancient — 100,000,000 years before mankind - Ancient Zapbots were living on Gearatron. After the final war destroyed all but a few Zapbots survived. The Junkicons having plunder the remaining resource of Gearatron left to conquer other worlds. Before the final battle though the Zapbot Matrix of Leadership was sent off to the far reaches of space to find a host body to rebuild the Zapbot race.
  • Next Generation — This refers to the generation reconstructed by the human Anthony S. Anselmo and onwards. After the Matrix found Anthony he installed within him all the knowledge needed to rebuild the race of Zapbots using human technology.


Physical construction

The Zapbots are a highly evolved formed of a robot. Their physical construction is based on high compounded metallic parts and technology. Zapbots are living, sentient, emotional and fully mechanical beings with the ability to have different personalities, characteristics and personality flaws.

On Tour! Don't ask me what each of them play. From Left to Right: Flash, Flier, Boaty, Speedy, Overload, Botimus Prime, Carry-On, Pick-Up.


Zapbots are big but can still fit in a tractor trailer. Slick, Alert, and Slide.

Zapbots are generally much larger than humans, three to nine times above average. There sizes can vary depending on their origins and function.

Variance in form

Most Zapbots posses a bi-pedistal form, there are many variations depending on the theme. It is also not uncommon to see extensive varations on occasion. Some have more than one alternate mode, while other may have modes relating to animals or weapons. Most have an Alternate Flight Mode which allows their vehicle form to fly through atmosphere or space.


The Zapbots use crude energon as a source of energy, however alternate forms can be used as well although they are recommended by design.


The Zapbots are divided into two Factions with the first being referred to as Zapbots and the later as Junkicon's. The Zapbots strive to bring balance and peace to the planets they are involved with as well as unwiding the mysteries of the Universe. The Junkicons are fueled by a control and assimilation to become a stronger whole.


In Ancient times the Zapbot government was ruled by a High Council of Zapbots. These specific Zapbots were elected based on the highest criteria of data anaylsis programming. After the destruction of Gearatron and the rebirth the Zapbots were ruled by Anthony who acted as sole leader until Gearatron was rediscovered. Once the Zapbots has successfully settled back on Gearatron and the race begin to populate Anthony started the High Council again to help maintain the peace of the planet.

Interaction with other races

During their voyages through space the Zapbots discovered other races included The Transformers and GoBots. These races had similar design and makeup to their own and it is still if the Ancient Zapbots had the same creators as these other races.

The Arts

Scan and Hightone love to hang out.

Zapbots have been very involved in producing all sorts of interactive media including music, sculpture electronic and permanent media.


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