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Airshot is an Zapbots Flyabots from the Generation 1 continuity family.
era: 2022 - "Highway to the Danger Zone!"

Rough and tough Airshot does not mess around. He is merciless in battle and will stop at nothing till the enemy has been completely obliterated. His unprecedented performance and the qualities of his design only add to his abilities on the battlefield. Off the field, he takes the 'father-figure' role, working to make sure everyone else on the Aerial Team is ready to fight. Speaking in a german accent, he takes great pride in his absorbed german heritage, baking german Energy treats for the team in off-hours.

  • Quote: "Make me angry, and you'll never see another reboot."
  • Transformation: ME-163 Komet
  • Weapons: Fire, Bombs, 5 Lasers, 2 Rocket Launchers
  • Special Weapons: Photon Gun
  • Shields: Weak 2 Hours
  • Speed: 620 MPH
  • Armor: Heavy 10 Inches
  • Communications: Radio
  • Target/Tracking: Radar
  • Weakness: Can only sustain battle for short periods before having to recharge.
  • Transformer Inspiration: Airraid
  • Family: Flyabots - Brothers


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