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Dustbreaker is an Zapbots Target Masters from the Generation 1 continuity family.
era: 2022 - "Wi Wi - I am French?"

Style elegance and grace are what Dustbreaker is about. Known to drive the enemy crazy by just 'talking too much', he is known for his excellent scouting skills. Friendly, cheerful, he works with Upper to help provide reconnaissance for missions. Brave and possesses leadership qualities, but he does not consider himself the best fighter.

  • Quote: "Never turn near a cannon and if you have to dive don't crash."
  • Transformation: Dassault Rafale Jet
  • Weapons: Missles, Laser, Bombs
  • Special Weapons: Targetmaster Windwinder
  • Shields: Weak 2 Hours
  • Speed: Mach 1
  • Armor: Light 3 Inches
  • Communications: Radio
  • Target/Tracking: Radar, Scanners
  • Weakness: Hard winds can force him to land.
  • Transformer Inspiration: One of the Rainmakers
  • Family: None


Original Series

Behind the Scenes

A fellow classmate of mine from High School named Bill Knauer originally drew this for me. I added him to my Target Masters collection. His quote is a running joke if you play the game 'Wings of Fury'.