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Omega Dupreme is an Zapbots Defense-Base from the Generation 1 continuity family.
era: 2022 - "Twice the size of the other guy."
era: 2022

One of the largest Zapbots, Omega Dupreme is a complete Battle Station and Transport Carrier that can move Zapbots between planets. Strong, noble and brave, he is very quiet but when he does speak; talks in very scientific manner. Has several components that combine into his alt-mode for space travel and then split off as needed during battles.

  • Quote: "Never be over-confident."
  • Transformation: Battle Station - Rocket - Tank
  • Weapons: Photon Cannon, 50 Missle Launcher, 29 Laser Rifles, 10 Rocket Launchers
  • Special Weapons: Claw
  • Shields: Strong 15 Hours
  • Speed: Warp 1-8
  • Armor: Heavy 50 Inches
  • Communications: Radio, CB
  • Target/Tracking: Radar, Scanners
  • Weakness: Slow which makes him an easy target.
  • Transformer Inspiration: Omega Supreme
  • Family: None


Original Series

Robot Trek II

Omega Dupreme rescues Anthony from the Nonocons by crashing his claw into the ship, while establishing a force field environment, ripping his body out of the ship.

The Fall and Rebirth of Gearatron

Ship Crew

During the final attack on Gearatron Ultra Attack set up a temporary base within Omega Dupreme.

Behind the Scenes

Once again, what if there was a Blue/Yellow Guardian? I always liked the idea of the Guardians in the War Dawn episode and basically built my own version around that (although I willing admit many years later the name 'Dupreme' sounds goofy.) My friend Jason made fun of this in the Answering Machine message he left which later became a parody promo.

With the 1990 drawing, I always though Omega Supreme's space travel in the cartoon was odd (you know where his rocket is flying and then the rest of him appears when he lands), so when I drew him I included all of his mass combined in a special rocket transformation. I have a fond memory of drawing the 1987 version? watching the Thanksgiving Parade on TV.

I should note that Omega Dupreme like Duplaflex and Fortress Misslemax are really REALLY Fucking big. If you consider them a true base then you would have to enlarge the Enterprise x 10 so robots could walk around in it. I estimate he would be just bigger than Central Park in NYC.